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Aviation Law

Jones, Skelton & Hochuli's Aviation Law Group represents aviation professionals, manufacturers, airlines, airports, fixed base operators, flight schools, in most every facet of aviation law. From initial on-scene investigation to appeals, we have over 20 years of experience in aviation related matters.

We handle general aviation business matters, that include:

- international and regional airports;
- major and commuter airlines;
- business aircraft;
- rotor wing aircraft;
- law enforcement and medical aircraft;
- vintage aircraft;
- cargo operations;
- fixed base operations;
- maintenance facilities; and
- private aircraft owners and pilots.

We have handled cases for airports, major airlines and aviation product manufacturers in Federal and State Courts. Our experience includes cases of aerial application, airline liability, airport liability, aviation products liability, general and corporate aircraft accidents, general and premises liability, hull damage, subrogation claims, employment/workers' compensation and general aviation business matters. We have also handled cases involving mid-air collisions; alleged design, manufacturing and failure to warn claims; helicopter design, repair and operation; airframe repairs; engine maintenance and overhaul; propeller failures; airport operations and security; and piloting error to name a few.

Our firm is dedicated to consulting, defending and representing clients in a cost effective and successful manner. We maintain close communication with our clients to serve their needs. From moving quickly to secure accident scenes and assisting in the critical early investigation to working closely with industry professionals who have expertise in a wide variety of areas, we are guided by a desire to assist our clients to achieve the best results possible.