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Criminal Defense

Jones, Skelton & Hochuli criminal defense attorneys have extensive courtroom experience representing both individual and corporate clients in criminal and regulatory allegations, including business crimes and the full range of felony and misdemeanor cases.  The firm handles City, County, state and federal criminal charges, including regulatory and licensing enforcement cases, representing entities and individuals charged with prosecution and enforcement actions. Our expertise also includes representation of companies and individuals in a victim's rights capacity, serving as victim or witness advocates in the full range of felony and misdemeanor matters.

Jones, Skelton & Hochuli is a full service business law firm. Accordingly, the criminal defense practice has the ability to access lawyers in a wide range of specialties to provide representation specifically suited to the precise issues confronted by an entity or an individual. At a time when both state and federal prosecuting agencies continue to target companies and employees in criminal investigations, our lawyers are also well-equipped to assist clients in assuring compliance with complex state and federal laws and regulations.

We offer skilled and experienced criminal defense regarding a wide variety of criminal offenses, including but not limited to homicide,  property crimes,  DUI charges, violent crimes, and drug crimes.   We also have extensive experience in defending clients cited with Orders of Protection and Injunctions against Harassment. We also focus on white collar crimes and additionally provide individuals and entities with a wide range of consulting services relating to media management, litigation prevention and witness preparation.   Cases involving our attorneys have been featured on Dateline NBC, CBS 48 Hours, 20/20, HLN, Court TV, Inside Edition and Hard Copy. Our attorneys have appeared as experts on national television broadcasts involving high profile cases.

Jones, Skelton & Hochuli's lawyers also practice Corrections Defense, representing prisons, jails and detention facilities in cases such as civil rights issues.  First Amendment violations, Fourth Amendment violations, excessive force issues, lack of adequate medical care, general jail conditions, and lack of access to courts. Many cases have been resolved pre-litigation through aggressive motion practice, while others were successfully defended at the trial level. Often these cases are appealed to higher courts, and with an experienced appellate department, our firm is also highly successful in defending these cases on appeal.