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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Jones, Skelton & Hochuli (JSH) is a leading provider throughout the state of Arizona in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services. Our lawyers are professionally trained and highly experienced in all aspects of ADR to meet the growing needs of our clients for more cost effective and efficient alternatives to jury trials for resolving disputes.


So what exactly is ADR? ADR refers to alternative processes  to the traditional jury trial to resolve disputes. Our lawyers are experts in the ADR procedures discussed below such as Mediation. Arbitration, Summary Jury Trials, Mini Trials, and Neutral Case Evaluation. Additionally, our lawyers also regularly serve as Judges Pro Tem and Special Masters in assisting the courts and litigants in resolving cases through ADR.


While the lawyers at JSH remain committed to providing our clients with the assurance of seasoned trial experience when needed, we also recognize that ADR can often better serve the needs of our clients by providing a more cost efficient and economical resolution of disputes without incurring the tremendous emotional cost of traditional conflict resolution by way of a jury trial.

In order to best serve the growing needs of our clients for ADR alternatives, many of our lawyers continuously receive specialized training in all aspects of ADR. A number of our lawyers are nationally recognized in the field of ADR and are regularly asked to serve as Mediators, Arbitrators, Special Masters, Judges Pro Tem and Neutral Case Evaluators.

Ranking Arizona has also listed Jones, Skelton & Hochuli as the 5th Best Alternative Dispute Resolution law firm in Arizona for 2014.