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Premises Liability

Jones, Skelton & Hochuli's Premises Liability Group represents a wide range of retail entities from small insured businesses to large self-insured Fortune 500 corporations. The Group's primary focus is premises liability litigation, with the natural cross-over into products liability. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge effectively evaluating retail business liability and damages claims, as well as product liability claims.

Effective premises liability defense demands specialized knowledge of applicable standards of care unique to the retail business industry. In Arizona, retail businesses are not strictly liable for injuries that occur on their premises. Claimants must instead prove that any damages sustained arose from an unreasonably dangerous condition on the premises of which the business had notice. Whether a condition is "unreasonably dangerous" often turns upon the business's ability to demonstrate compliance with appropriate standards of care. Our attorneys are well versed at confronting adverse standard of care allegations, and the Group's defense experience and effective use of expert resources consistently provides positive results for the firm's retail business clients.

Our attorneys work with their business clients to evaluate each case at its outset to determine the best strategy for a successful outcome. If a case is ultimately tried, our attorneys represent clients in Arizona state and federal courts, and courts in other states.