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Law Alert

- Periodic review of recent court decisions
Law Alert - June 2017 - Delgado v. Manor Care of Tucson
Law Alert - May 2017 - County of Los Angeles v. Mendez
Law Alert: SB1025 Amending Section 12-820.03 Relating to Immunity for Public Entities
Law Alert - August 2016 - Klesla et al. v. Wittenberg
Law Alert - August 2016 - Santorii v. MartinezRusso
Law Alert - December 2016 - Villasenor v. Evans
Law Alert - February 2016 - Carter v. The Pain Center of Arizona
Law Alert - February 2016 - Murray v. Farmers Insurance Company
Law Alert - January 2016 - Watts v. Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp.
Law Alert - July 2016 - Cramer v. Starr
Law Alert - June 2016 - Utah v. Strieff
Law Alert - September 2016 - Advocates for American Disabled Individuals, LLC v. 1639 40th Street, LLC
Law Alert - September 2016 - Premier Physicians Group v. Navarro
Law Alert - September 2016 - Sobieski v. American Standard
Law Alert - April 2015 - Lee v. M&H, Walmart
Law Alert - April 2015 - State v. Bernstein
Law Alert - December 2015 - Alcombrack v. Ciccarelli
Law Alert - January 2015
Law Alert - May 2015
Law Alert - December 2014
Law Alert - July 2014
Law Alert - June 2014
Law Alert - May 2014
Law Alert - October 2014
Law Alert - February 2013
Law Alert - January 2013
Law Alert - April 2012
Law Alert - December 2012
Law Alert - June 2012
Law Alert - March 2012
Law Alert - October 2012
Law Alert - September 2012
Law Alert 01-31-11
Law Alert 03-03-11
Law Alert 04-04-11
Law Alert 04-28-11
Law Alert 05-25-11
Law Alert 08-18-11
Law Alert 09-22-11

JSH Reporter

- JSH Magazine regarding legal updates and firm happenings.
Summer 2016
Summer 2015
Fall 2014
Summer 2014

Appellate Tips

- Tips written by our Appellate Department
How to Draft a Proposed Form of Judgment Under the New Rules 1-31-17
Make Sure You Have A Complete Transcript For Appeal 1-27-17
Make Sure Your Summary Judgment Pleadings Are Appeal Ready 1-9-17
Be Aware Of Strict Post-Trial Motion Deadlines 12-22-16
Make Sure Your Judgment or Order Is Final and Appealable 12-7-16
Special Actions – To File Or Not To File? 12-28-16
When is a Rule 54(B) Certification Appropriate? 12-12-16


- Attorney Articles
Some Truckers Say the Darndest Things
Gambrell v. IDS Prop. Cas. Ins. Co.
The Arizona Supreme Court Considers The Preclusive Effect of Damron Agreement Stipulations On Subsequent Coverage Disputes
Regulatory Statutes and Civil Liability: Do They Really Go Hand-in-Hand?
Background Checks - Helping Employers Navigate the Battle Between Negligent Hiring and Discriminatory Hiring Practices

Employment Law Update

- Articles on employment law
Who's The Boss: Employer Liability After Vance v. Ball State Is the Line Really as Bright as the Court Intended?
Lawful and Unlawful Pre-Employment Inquiries in Arizona
DOL Clarifies FMLA Definition of In Loco Parentis
FLSA Requires Break Time for Nursing Mothers
GINA The Name Every Employer Needs to Know
Public Employer Search is Not Unreasonable Under the Fourth Amendment
Supreme Court Tackles Employment Arbitration Agreements
Changes to the Family and Medical Leave Act What Every Employer Needs to Know
EEOC Issues its Proposed Regulations Interpreting the ADA Amendments Act
Changes to Arizona's Law Against the Employment of Unauthorized Aliens
Conducting Harassment Investigations to Limit Employer Liability
Congress Amends the Americans with Disabilities Act
Immigration Law Update
Ninth Circuit Rejects Terminations Based on No-Match Letter
Supreme Court Rules on Me Too Evidence in Employment Discrimination Cases
Update on Arizona's New Law Against the Employment of Unauthorized Aliens