Employers must be aware of, and train managers about, the legal obligations that may impact decisions about treatment of qualified employees with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Employers must be prepared to provide effective, reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. This one-hour webinar program has been designed for all employers — from those involved in human resources to in-house counsel and other managers who deal with employment law issues on a regular basis. We will discuss the interactive process for providing reasonable accommodations, which may run the gamut of modified work schedules, to assistive technology and personal assistance services. 

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Michele Molinario maintains an active employment law practice and has prevailed in cases involving Title VII, FMLA, and discrimination allegations arising under 42 U.S.C.A. Section 1981. Michele has also successfully defended EEOC investigations, wage disputes,  ADA, ADEA and wrongful termination cases. She has also represented employers and employees before personnel and merit system boards, AZ POST, fingerprint boards and other licensing boards in cases involving due process and disciplinary matters.