USLAW NETWORK has released three Compendia of Law, with state-by-state chapter updates provided by USLAW member firms. JSH attorneys provided the updates for the Arizona chapters of the Construction, Retail and Hospitality, and Transportation and Logistics Compendia.


JSH construction defense attorneys Michael Ludwig and John Gregory updated the Arizona Chapter of this compendium, a multi-state resource that addresses legal questions involving state-by-state common and statutory law. The Compendium focuses on the procedural aspects of the law so that clients of USLAW member firms have a reliable resource at their fingertips.


JSH partner Jeremy Johnson provided the update for the Retail and Hospitality Compendium of Law for Arizona. The ownership and management of retail establishments, shopping and hospitality centers is entwined with exposure to all sorts of liabilities. This Compendium is designed to permit users to easily access common and state specific liability issues.


JSH partner Phil Stanfield updated the Transportation and Logistics Compendium for Arizona. This compendium is a survey of state law on various issues associated with the derivative negligence claims of negligent entrustment, hiring, retention and supervision in truck accident cases. It examines the elements of proof of each theory by which an employer might be held to have derivative or dependent liability for the conduct of an employee or independent operator, defenses that can be asserted to such claims and whether such theories can support a claim of punitive damages.

In addition to these three Compendia, USLAW regularly produces new and updates existing Compendiums, which are easily sourced on a state-by-state basis and are developed by the member firms of USLAW. Current Compendiums include Force Majeure (during COVID-19 pandemic), Retail, Spoliation of Evidence, Transportation, Construction Law, Workers’ Compensation, Surveillance, Offer of Judgment, Employee Rights on Initial Medical Treatment, and many more. Visit USLAW’s website for a complete listing of current compendiums.


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JSH is proud to be the only Arizona firm that is a member of USLAW. As a USLAW member firm, our clients enjoy the products and services offered by USLAW, including substantive educational resources such as jurisdictional updates, compendiums of law, magazines, podcasts, webinars, and mobile apps. Learn more at