With more than 85 lawyers, Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, P.L.C. (JSH) is the largest and most experienced law firm of trial lawyers in Arizona practicing in insurance and insurance coverage defense. Our firm focuses on the defense of corporations, self-insureds, government entities, and insurance medical malpractice carriers and their insureds.

Recognized as highly-skilled, aggressive defenders of Arizona’s legal and business community, JSH lawyers have more trial experience in both state and federal courts than most other law firms in the state. We present a vigorous defense on behalf of our clients, both in settlement negotiations and the deterrence of frivolous claims. When in our clients’ best interests, we are well-equipped to handle cost-effective alternative dispute resolution strategies.

Founded in 1983, JSH began primarily as an insurance defense firm. Over the years, we have expanded our practice to meet the growing needs of our clients. See below list of practice areas and industries served.

JSH is proud to be the only Arizona firm that is a member in the USLAW Network, a world-wide organization of law firms dedicated to improving client service. USLAW member firms are some of the most highly-respected law firms in their jurisdictions. Each member firm is admitted only after passing substantial due diligence investigation and is rigorously reviewed to ensure it meets USLAW quality service standards.

Firm Overview

JSH celebrates and values diversity in age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion or spiritual practices, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, family, and veteran status. Diverse backgrounds and viewpoints enrich our workplace and contribute to our success in ensuring that everyone can achieve his or her full potential. Embracing unique backgrounds and perspectives also creates a culture of empowerment, innovation, and responsible growth.

As such, JSH promotes diversity and inclusion as an integral component of our continuing pursuit of excellence as individual attorneys and as a firm. Women and those from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles have a consistent voice at all levels of JSH management, from administrative managers and department heads to committee chairs, trial group leaders, and management committee members.

JSH provides our clients with a variety of products and services at no additional cost to assist with management of legal issues. The following list details each product and service that we offer. We encourage you to review these and take advantage of those that are applicable to you. JSH is continually seeking ways to ensure that your legal outcomes are seamless and, most importantly, successful, and we hope that these resources can assist in this regard. Please do not hesitate to send us input on your experience with any of the items listed here as well as ideas for the future that would benefit you and your colleagues.

REFERENCE GUIDE TO AZ LAW Our 24-chapter Reference Guide to Arizona Law covers many areas of Arizona law, highlighting the most common issues associated with civil litigation. The Guide is updated annually to include recent changes in case law as well as changes in statutes.

THE JSH REPORTER The Reporter is an in-depth print magazine produced periodically and designed to address legal and business issues facing commercial and corporate clients. Please visit jshfirm.com/reporter.

ARIZONA AT-A-GLANCE This resource demonstrates our general experience as to verdict results in each county and outlines 15 points on the most common questions and issues in personal injury claims. Please visit jshfirm.com/arizona-at-a-glance.

TRANSPORTATION RAPID RESPONSE TEAM Our Rapid Response Team includes a dedicated group of attorneys, experts and specialists who are on-call 24-hours a day, seven days a week, to provide counsel and guidance to our clients when trucking or other transportation-related accidents occur. Our early involvement often results in better outcomes for our clients.

LAW ALERTS Our Law Alerts are published on a regular basis and contain recent Arizona cases of interest. Please visit jshfirm.com/news/law-alerts.

SOCIAL MEDIA Connect with us to stay updated on firm news, case law updates, and community involvement.

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USLAW NETWORK JSH is the only Arizona firm that is a member of the USLAW Network, an international organization of law firms dedicated to improving client service. USLAW is composed of over 108 independent, defense-based law firms with nearly 6,000 attorneys covering the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Among the U.S.-based firms, there are over 150 offices in 47 U.S. states. The Network includes AV-rated law firms that are part of the Network by invitation only. Member firms undergo a rigorous review process to insure outstanding quality of lawyers throughout the Network. USLAW firms are experienced in commercial and business law, employment and labor law, litigation and other business-related areas of law. All firms have substantial trial experience. USLAW member firms provide legal representation to major corporations, captive insurance companies, and large and small businesses across the US.

As a USLAW member firm, our clients enjoy the products and services offered by USLAW. These include, but are not limited to magazines, podcasts, webinars, mobile apps, their robust website, in addition to:

Compendiums of Law: USLAW regularly produces new and updates existing Compendiums providing a multi-state resource that permits users to easily access state common and statutory law. Compendiums are developed and updated by the member firms of USLAW on a state-by-state basis. Current Compendiums include: Transportation, Construction Law, Offers of Judgment, Workers’ Compensation, and a National Compendium addressing issues that arise prior to the commencement of litigation through trial and on to appeal. Visit uslaw.org/compendiums.

State Judicial Profiles by County: Jurisdictional awareness of the court and juries on a county-by-county basis is a key ingredient to successfully operating legal challenges throughout the United States. Knowing the local rules, the judge, and the “gossip” provides a unique competitive advantage. To best serve clients, USLAW offers a judicial profile that identifies counties as Conservative, Moderate or Liberal and thus provides you an important home-field advantage. Visit uslaw.org/juryprofiles.

Jurisdictional Updates: Highlighting timely information specific to state-by-state jurisdictions, USLAW’s Jurisdictional Updates are released via e-mail bi-weekly and is an excellent resource to keep abreast of new case law, important verdicts and other pending legislation.

USLAW 24/7 Mobile APP: The APP, which is available on Apple, Android and Blackberry devices, delivers searchable and ready-to-connect rapid response contact information for lawyers within these three specific practice areas: transportation, construction law and product liability. It also includes a global member directory of USLAW defense-based lawyers throughout the United States and other countries. The three main search functions include Find a Law Firm, Find a Lawyer and Rapid Response. In addition, 24/7 also includes organizational information, including a list of Board of Directors, USLAW client resources, news and general contact information. Downloading the APP is easy. Search for “USLAW” in your App Store or visit: 247.uslaw.org/download.

The JSH Charity Committee coordinates and hosts multiple fundraisers throughout the year to benefit students at an underprivileged Valley elementary school. Our fundraising efforts include an internal silent auction, gift card raffle, football and basketball pools, jeans day coupons, and Holiday Elf Bucks. Thanks to the generosity of our attorneys, staff and vendors, we have raised sufficient funds to purchase and donate uniforms, shoes, toiletries, and cool-weather coats and jackets to 600 elementary school students. In December, we spread holiday cheer with a special visit from Santa, who delivers a wrapped toy or game to each student. Additionally, we have “adopted” very deserving families in need, providing them with all manner of household items, clothing, shoes, family board games and activities, and restaurant gift cards.

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