Governmental Liability

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The attorneys in our Governmental Liability Group specialize in providing defense and risk management services to municipalities, counties, the State, water districts, educational institutions, and other governmental entities throughout Arizona. We are committed to vigorously defending the constitutional and statutory immunities afforded to governmental entities.

We have extensive experience defending governmental entities in cases alleging violations of 42 U.S.C. 1983, from lethal and non-lethal use of force, false arrest, failure to render medical aid, and unconstitutional customs, policies and practices. Our lawyers also defend catastrophic personal injury claims arising from alleged roadway design issues.

We defend claims involving employment and personnel issues, including:

  • Title VII discrimination claims, including: race, gender, national origin, religion
  • Personnel board actions, such as Merit System Boards or Commissions
  • Arizona Employment Protection Act
  • American’s with Disabilities Act
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Fair Labor Standards Act

Effective defense strategies often begin with risk management. We partner with clients to help them establish policies and procedures that reduce their risk of litigation. In the education arena, for example, we provide employment audits for school districts, create and implement employment procedures and provide counsel in student disciplinary actions. For governing bodies, we often provide seminars and guidance on compliance with state and federal statutes. Our highly experienced and dedicated team is always looking for ways to protect clients from potential liability claims and to further their overall goals.

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