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Effective defense of stakeholders in the corrections industry requires in-depth knowledge of criminal law, government liability, civil rights issues and a host of other federal and state laws and regulations. Jones, Skelton & Hochuli uses a multifaceted approach involving its many specialized practice areas to make sure clients receive the most robust and effective defense possible.

For several decades, our corrections defense team has vigorously defended correction service providers, including detention facilities and jails, against all types civil rights and negligence claims at both the state and federal level. Depending on what best serves our clients’ interests, we resolve cases through aggressive pre-trial motion practice or successfully defend them at the trial level. With guidance and support from our experienced appellate team, our firm is also highly successful defending these cases on appeal.

Correctional law is complex, resulting in numerous types of claims. The type of claims we defend include claims of:

  • First Amendment violations
  • Fourth Amendment violations
  • Due process violations
  • Excessive force
  • Denial of medical care
  • Inadequate jail conditions
  • Lack of access to courts
  • Unlawful arrest and detention
  • Cruel and unusual punishment
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