Dram Shop & Social Host Liability

Dram Shop & Social Host Liability2021-05-19T15:34:10-07:00

In Arizona, and many other states, people who are harmed by an intoxicated person might seek damages not only from the person who caused the injuries, but also from a business that provided the alcohol to that person. Serious consequences accompany allegations of wrongdoing and liability for even the most conscientious proprietors.

Since its inception in 1983, Jones, Skelton & Hochuli has successfully defended, settled and tried hundreds of these dram shop and social host liability cases, and our attorneys remain in the forefront of shaping how these laws affect commercial businesses who provide alcohol to others.

Dram shop laws—named for the unit of measure, the dram, by which alcohol used to be sold—refer to the civil liability of a commercial business that serves alcohol to a person who then causes injury to himself or another person allegedly due to intoxication/impairment. Social host liability refers to the potential civil liability of an employer or a private individual (one who does not hold a license to sell alcohol) who provides alcohol to a person who then harms himself or others.

Our attorneys have successfully managed cases involving the many scenarios and settings in which dram shop and social liability issues arise, including bars, restaurants, employer/company functions, private parties, sporting events, charitable events and college campuses. We are not only skilled in the statutory provisions and common law principles that are triggered in such cases, but also very experienced in uncovering the necessary information, evidence, witnesses and experts to evaluate the cases. With careful preparation and knowledge acquired through many years of practice in this field, we then advise clients on the best course of action—move for dismissal, mediate or, if appropriate, defend through trial. Our clients’ best interests determine the legal strategies and remedies we pursue.

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