Recreational & Amusement

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Providers of recreational services—from summer camps to amusement parks—confront many unique legal challenges, with managing liability and complying with federal and state regulations topping the list. Our attorneys have extensive experience protecting and advocating for clients in this industry, including recreational and amusement venues, governing bodies, resorts, insurance carriers and nonprofits. We stay informed of emerging trends and changes in federal and state laws so that our clients can devote their time to the business of providing fun.

Some of the areas in which our attorneys assist clients include:

  • Liability waivers and releases
  • Employment matters, including seasonal staff and training
  • Insurance
  • Accessibility and safety
  • Licensing rules and regulations
  • Litigation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Real estate leasing
  • Investment partnerships
  • Financial transactions
  • Risk management
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