Professional Service Providers

Professional Service Providers2020-11-04T16:44:40-07:00

Professional Service Providers of all types rely on Jones, Skelton & Hochuli for effective solutions to the legal challenges they face. Engineering firms, accountants, data security consultants, insurance agents, and other law firms are among the clients who consider our skills, insights and services vital to the successful operation of their businesses. We are regularly called on to represent clients before licensing and professional oversight boards and agencies, to mount effective defenses during audits and to build strategic corporate and licensing alliances. Other issues we address for clients include:

  • Employment, including hiring and termination processes
  • Data security and privacy
  • Tax regulations
  • Corporate transactions
  • Franchising agreements

In addition, our firm offers robust professional liability defense and comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation strategies. With proper preparation and planning, our attorneys can help professionals decrease their risk of being the target of professional liability claims.

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