JSH partner Clarice Spicker co-presented “Accident Reconstruction” during USLAW’s Courtroom Academy: The Use of Experts at Trial. USLAW’s Future Leaders Group hosted the 2-day virtual Academy for 60+ lawyers and experts on November 5 and 6, 2020. Clarice joined Kari A. Verner, Ph.D., from S-E-A, Ltd., a forensic engineering, fire investigation and visualization services company specializing in failure analysis.

Most cases do not have the crisp video evidence necessary to completely depict an incident as it occurred. That is where the accident reconstructionist comes in. Clarice and Kari discuss how an incident lost to time can be recreated and portrayed to the jury in a favorable way for your case.

The USLAW NETWORK Future Leaders Courtroom Academy addresses the ins and outs of direct and cross-examination, with a focus on expert witnesses from S-E-A, USLAW’s official technical forensic engineering and legal visualization services partner. The 2-day Academy offers programming designed by and for future leaders. Topics include the importance of understanding the role of biomechanics in a personal injury case, the expert’s approach to preparing reports and withstanding Daubert challenges, technical tools available for experts to use as or with other demonstratives at trial, and basic principles of accident reconstruction. The second day of programming includes a mock examination of an expert conducted by an experienced litigator and leader within USLAW, followed by a moderated conversation about the use of experts at trial.

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Clarice Spicker is a partner in the firm’s Trucking & Transportation Trial Group. She focuses her practice on all aspects of transportation defense, including wrongful death and personal injury, premises liability, and products liability defense.

Currently serving as the Transportation Practice Group Educational Coordinator for USLAW, Clarice is also a past Co-Chair of the Group’s Client Exchange Event.