JSH partner Clarice Spicker and associate attorney Samantha Cote authored the Arizona section of USLAW NETWORK’s COVID-19 Civil Immunity Chart Compendium of Law. This multi-state resource addresses civil immunity in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis for every state and Washington D.C. In response to the pandemic, some jurisdictions have enacted laws to address civil immunity. Other jurisdictions already had civil immunity laws relating to public health emergencies that apply to the COVID-19 crisis. The chart examines the type of immunity conferred in each jurisdiction; whether the law requires compliance with federal, state, or local guidelines for there to be immunity; whether there are exceptions to grants of immunity; and whether there are specified limits to damages. We also addressed whether immunity is specifically given to healthcare providers, manufacturers or distributors of personal protective equipment, businesses in general, and owners of premises.

Written by USLAW NETWORK member attorneys, the 50-state and Washington D.C. compendium takes advantage of local knowledge and experience in each of the jurisdictions in which USLAW firms practice.

In addition to the COVID-19 Civil Immunity Chart, USLAW regularly produces new and updates existing Compendiums, which are easily sourced on a state-by-state basis and are developed by the member firms of USLAW. Current Compendiums include COVID-19 General Liability Quick Guide, Force Majeure (during COVID-19 pandemic), Retail, Spoliation of Evidence, Transportation, Construction Law, Workers’ Compensation, Surveillance, Offer of Judgment, Employee Rights on Initial Medical Treatment, and many more. Visit USLAW’s website for a complete listing of current compendiums.

Clarice Spicker focuses her practice on transportation defense, wrongful death and personal injury, premises liability, and products liability defense.