JSH Partners Phillip Stanfield and David Stout, along with research support provided by JSH summer associates, served as contributing authors for the Arizona chapter of USLAW NETWORK’s National Compendium of Law. The Compendium is a multi-state resource that provides easy access to state common and statutory law regarding a variety of litigation-oriented issues. In addition to chapters devoted to 44 states and their respective jurisdictions, general sections in the Compendium include: pre-suit and initial considerations; negligence; discovery; evidence, proofs and trial issues; and damages. To download the USLAW National Compendium of Law, click here.

In addition to the National Compendium, USLAW regularly produces new and updates existing Compendiums, which are easily sourced on a state-by-state basis and are developed by the member firms of USLAW. Current Compendiums include: Retail, Spoliation of Evidence, Transportation, Construction Law, Workers’ Compensation, Surveillance, Offer of Judgment, Employee Rights on Initial Medical Treatment, and many more.

USLAW NETWORK (USLAW), is an international organization composed of more than 60 independent, full practice firms with roots in civil litigation. USLAW member firms are some of the most highly-respected law firms in their jurisdictions. JSH is proud to be the only Arizona firm that is a member in the USLAW Network. Each member firm is admitted only after passing substantial due diligence investigation and is rigorously reviewed to ensure it meets USLAW quality service standards.

About Jones, Skelton & Hochuli:

With more than 80 lawyers, Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, P.L.C. (JSH) is the largest and most experienced trial defense law firm in Arizona specializing in insurance and insurance coverage. Our lawyers focus their practice in the defense of corporations, self-insureds, government entities, insurance carriers and medical malpractice carriers. For additional information please visit jshfirm.com or call 602.263.1700.


download the USLAW National Compendium of Law